Phase II

Phase II

Phase 2 (Two Week Plan) -  (High School Only) 

Adjusted Due to Governor’s Adjustment to Responsible Restart Ohio


*Adjustments may occur based upon updates from Governor Dewine, Perry County Health Department,  and OHSAA*


-       Phase 2 Begins on June 15th

o   Evaluation will occur towards end of Phase 2 to move into Phase 3

-       Remain 6 feet apart at all times and in all places

o   NO physical contact between athletes and/or coaches at any time

o   6 Feet Social distance must be maintained between individuals except when on the field or court of play.

-       Before Arriving at Each Workout

o   Coaches, Athletic Trainers, and athletes conduct self-check for any COVID-19 symptoms

o   Remain HOME if any signs or symptoms!

o   Everyone in attendance must bring their own drink, towel, etc. NO SHARING personal items.

-       Upon Arrival for workout

o   Coach record sign in of everyone in attendance – Players, Coaches, Athletic Trainers, etc. -

o   If anyone shows signs of symptoms, contact parent and separate from the rest of group.

o   Everyone must wash/sanitize hands prior to workout.

o   Everyone must wear proper attire (shirt & shoes) at all time.

o   Coaches must track attendance of everyone present for each workout

-       Locker room Use

o   Athletes and Coaches must show up ready to participate in the workout

o   If locker room is needed for restroom purposes, only ONE person is allowed to go at a time.

-       Skills Training/Workout

o   INDOOR workouts restrictions based upon ability to social distance.

§  Gymnasiums: (NLHS, NLMS, NLES, JCES) 25 Person Maximum Occupancy

§  Wrestling Room – 12 Person Maximum Occupancy

§  HS Weight Room – 12 Person Maximum Occupancy

(Must use stations on 4 Corners – 3 Per Group)

§  Stadium Weight Room – 24 Person Maximum Occupancy (Must use stations on 4 Corners – 3 Per Group)

o   OUTDOOR workouts limited to up to 50 people including the coach.

o   Keep same groups of kids together during each workout

o   Social Distancing must be overserved during inside/outside workouts

§  6 Feet Social distance must be maintained between individuals except when on the field or court of play.

o   Maximum lifts should be limited and power cages should be used for squats and bench press. Spotters should stand at each end of the bar.

-       Use of Equipment

o   All equipment that is to be used must be wiped down prior to workout

o   Wipe down equipment periodically during the workout if equipment is being used by multiple people

o   At the end of the workout, wipe down all equipment that was used during the workout.

-       No Scrimmages or practices against other groups, teams, or schools.

o   Contact practice and training may resume for all sports. Only intra-club/team scrimmages are permitted for contact sports and practices/open gyms should be limited in the same way wherever possible. 

o   No one from other schools permitted to participate.

o   Physical contact is only permitted within the rules of the game during competitive practice. Players, coaches, and officials are not to physically contact each other before or after competitive practice (i.e. greetings, team huddles, high-fives, congregating, etc.) 

o    Limit time spent on activities where players are in close proximity for extended periods of time (e.g. repeatedly practicing corner or penalty kicks in soccer or rebounding drills in basketball). 

o   Facilities/clubs/teams must ensure that facilities have adequate space for social distancing for players, coaches, officials, athletic trainers, parents/guardians, and spectators off the field or court of play. 

o    No congregating before or after practices or games is permitted. 

-       Conclusion of Workout

o   Everyone must wash/sanitize hands after workout.

o   Encourage athletes to shower when arriving home.

o   Encourage athletes to wash workout clothes after each workout

o   Contact Athletic Director if low on sanitization supplies

o   Time should be allotted between practice sessions to allow teams to exit fields/facilities prior to new teams arriving and for proper sanitizing for shared spaces (benches, equipment, etc.). 

o   Remind all athletes and coaches that anyone showing signs or symptoms must not attend workouts

§  Workouts are not mandatory.

-       Athletic trainers must wear a face covering when attending to an injured player, preferably a medical-grade mask.


The plan developed may need to be adjusted at any time. The plan to restart Ohio can be found on the Ohio Department of Health Website:

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