Phase I

Phase I

Phase 1 (Two Week Plan)

Return to Workouts (High School Only)

*Adjustments may occur based upon updates from Governor Dewine, Perry County Health Department,  and OHSAA*


-       Phase 1 Begins on June 1st

o   Evaluation will occur towards end of Phase 1 to move into Phase 2

-       Remain 6 feet apart at all times and in all places

o   NO physical contact between athletes and/or coaches at any time

-       Before Arriving at Each Workout

o   Coaches and athletes conduct self-check for any COVID-19 symptoms

o   Remain HOME if any signs or symptoms

-       Upon Arrival for workout

o   Coach completes symptom check using attached form and records temperature

o   If anyone shows signs of symptoms, contact parent and separate from the rest of group.

o   Everyone must wash/sanitize hands prior to workout.

o   Everyone must wear proper attire (shirt & shoes) at all time.

o   Coaches must track attendance of everyone present for each workout

-       Locker room Use

o   Athletes and Coaches must show up ready to participate in the workout

o   If locker room is needed for restroom purposes, only ONE person is allowed to go at a time.

-       Skills Training/Workout

o   Workouts limited to 10 people including the coach.

o   Keep same groups of kids together during each workout

o   Social Distancing must be overserved during inside/outside workouts

o   Lifting Workouts should use minimal weight required that doesn’t require a spotter

-       Use of Equipment

o   All equipment that is to be used must be wiped down prior to workout

o   Wipe down equipment periodically during the workout if equipment is being used by multiple people

o   At the end of the workout, wipe down all equipment that was used during the workout.

-       No Scrimmages or practices against other groups, teams, or schools.

-       Conclusion of Workout

o   Everyone must wash/sanitize hands after workout.

o   Encourage athletes to shower when arriving home.

o   Encourage athletes to wash workout clothes after each workout

o   Remind all athletes and coaches that anyone showing signs or symptoms must not attend workouts

§  Workouts are not mandatory

The plan developed may need to be adjusted at any time. The plan to restart Ohio can be found on the Ohio Department of Health Website:



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